sd-video-format from JVC GZ-MG20E Harddsik Cam



hello video readers and editors,

I have the new JVC harddisc cam GZ-MG20E. this camera produce a
SD-Video-Format with the extionsion MOD. All video editing software will NOT
accept this mode. Only the software from Cyberlink can edit the clips from
the camera but the editing tool is not the big one.

My problem: Premiere 6, Ulead mediaplayer and Microsoft Movie maker don't
accept the files.

Is there anybody outside to help me? What is to do to transfer it successful
from the harddisk to the PC into the editing tool?

Thank you very much for info and links



Bob [MVP]

Can your Cyberlink software output a DV-AVI video?
If so, you should just use that program to convert
the video. Then you can use Movie Maker (or any
other software) for editing, etc.

Microsoft MVP
Windows XP Media Center Edition

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