Scrollbar on Chart Jumps to Left when Chart is Clicked



I fiddled around with 'offset' and a scrollbar, and now I can change the
range of my chart just by clicking on the scrollbar. However, there is a
problem with placement.

If I click on the chart, and move the scrollbar to where I want it, when I
click *OFF* the chart, the scroll bar moves about double the distance from
top left that it was when the chart was clicked. It's like the scrollbar
thinks I'm doubling the size of the chart when I click off the chart. If
I position the scrollbar past halfway from top left, when I click off the
chart the scrollbar totally disappears.

Or, to put it another way, WHEREVER the scroll bar is on the chart (while
I'm editing my data in other cells) if I click on the chart, the scrollbar
jumps towards the top left (about half the distance).

I'm thinking this has something to do with the fact that when I pasted the
scroll bar on the chart it first appeared at the top left.

Any ideas?





Just on a whim I went into chart properties and changed it from
"move and size with cells" to
"move but don't size with cells",
and back.

This fixed it. Why?... I don't know.


Another observation for the vast NG archive:

I increased the zoom. The chart got bigger. I clicked on the chart and
the scrollbar jumped to the left. But now, if I click off and on the
chart, the scrollbar stays were it was. I think it's safe to assume this
was all just another little bug in Excel.


After fiddling around with it some more I see it's a zoom problem. In
order to change the zoom I have to be 'off' the chart. When I change it,
the chart grows or shrinks, and the scrollbar seems to stay over the same
ROW as it should, but the horizontal placement stays the same relative to
the screen, NOT THE COLUMN. Whatever I change the zoom to, the scroll bar
stays (horizontally) pretty much in the same place (about the middle of
the screen).

If I click on the chart in any of these zoom settings, the scrollbar jumps
to where it should be on the re-sized chart if everything were shrinking
and growing to scale like it should when zoom is changed.

In other words, the horizontal placement of the scrollbar on the chart,
when the chart is not clicked, is always (roughly) like the zoom is 100
percent. When the chart *IS clicked* horizontal placement works with Zoom
as it should.

The bottom line is: if you don't want the scrollbar jumping around when
you click on and off the chart, you have to leave the zoom at 100, or take
the scrollbar off the chart.

....... unless someone else has some other ideas......?

Tushar Mehta

Thanks for sharing your experiences. One thing that stands out is the
zoom setting. I have learnt over the years that XL is best served at
100% zoom. While on occassion I do use it at other settings it is only
for brief durations and I tend to return to 100% as soon as possible.


Tushar Mehta
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Jon Peltier

Here's a fun zoom trick. Make an embedded chart. Put the zoom at 100%, copy the
chart and paste it. Same size (well, not exactly; it seems to have gained a pixel in
height and width).

Change the zoom to 75%, copy the original chart, and paste it. The new chart is 75%
the size of the original (again, not exactly, it's 75.15% in width and 76.84% in

Change the zoom to 50%, copy the original chart, and paste it. Whoa, the new chart
is now half the size of the original (50.31% in width, 53.33% in height).

This behavior occurs when you select a chart normally. If you hold down shift or
control while selecting the chart, then copy and paste, the pasted chart is exactly
the same size as the copied chart.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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