script for an unattended install of Windows Defender




I would like to create a batch file that will remove Windows defender on all
Workstations in the domain. Once Defender is removed, I would like to assign
Defender (newer version) to all Workstations. I would like to accomplish this
using a GPO. I've downloaded adrmpro2.exe and ran it on a workstation. Then
I've created a batch file:
msiexec.exe /x {B2D7CE29-614A-4ACC-8BFE-009EB3A244C9} REMOVE="ALL" /qn .
This did not work.
The B2D7CE29-614A-4ACC-8BFE-009EB3A244C9 is the GUID of a particular
computer. There are 100 computers here and I would hate to run the exe on
every one of them.
My question is how can i crete a batch file that will remove Windows
defender on all computers? Is there an example someone can post? I would need
in the script an unattended install as I would have to activate the product
on every machine. We have a volume license.

Please help!


Bill Sanderson MVP

Check the messages in this group from the 7th of December. Such a script
was published and verified as functional.


The only unattented script i found is:

msiexec /uninstall windowsdefender.msi /quiet /log uninstall.log

I found nothing else from the 7th of december.

Bill Sanderson MVP

You're right--the removal piece is all that I posted that time around.

So what have you tried, on the install side?


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