Screensaver on external monitor not working



I bought a new Dell Inspiron with Vista Home Premium recently. I got it all
set up with my screensaver and a slide show of my photos and it worked fine
on the laptop display. I have now attached a new external monitor to the
laptop and the screensaver never comes on. I've gotten into all of the
conceivable setting for this but don't seem to be able to make it work. What
settings do I need to change to get my screensaver slide show to work on my
external monitor?



Andy Snook


Does the "Ribbons" screensaver for you work on both monitors?

I have two monitors connected to my PC and it goes across both without

I gave the Pictures one a try and indeed it just makes the second screen
black and shows pictures on the first monitor.

The only way to get the pictures screensaver on both monitors would be with
a program called "Ultramon"

With that, you can set independent screensavers for each monitor, in your
case selecting "pictures screensaver" for each monitor. Though it is
commercial software, there might be some free alternatives on the net.

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