Screen Saver Policy Question



Hello All,

After much experimentation I've gotten a screen saver
group policy to work. I did this by applying a screen
saver policy at the domain-level and then filtering it a
down-level OUs using the Block Policy inheritance option
(e.g. enable password protect at domain level and disable
password protect at OU level).

Is there any way to apply a screen saver policy to down-
level OUs without first applying it at the domain level?


Tim Hines [MSFT]

Screen saver policies can be applied at any level. If the policy does not
apply when you assign it to an OU then you should check the permissions on
the GPO to verify that the users have read and apply group policy. There
could be other reasons for it not applying. You should enable userenv
logging to look for possible reasons. You should also check the application
log on the client for errors. To enable userenv logging see the article

221833 How to Enable User Environment Debug Logging in Retail Builds of

Tim Hines, MCSE, MCSA
Windows 2000 Directory Services

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Hello Tim,

As it turns out we were attempting to apply the group
policy to the COMPUTER configuration and not the USER
configuration container. Thanks for helping out.


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