User Policy set but no effect



What am I doing wrong? I tried to set a simple user policy at the domain
level and even after refreshing on the server with secedit and forcing
gpupdate on a client I don't see a change. Here's more details:

I enforced a screen saver in the \\ default domain policy\user
configuration\administrative templates\\control panel\display folder with
->Hide Screen Saver tab policy, Screen saver executable name policy
(logon.scr), Password protect the screen saver policy, Activate screen saver
policy, and Saver time-out policy.

Went to command line and ran secedit /refreshpolicy user_policy. Nothing
changed when I tested client machines by logging in. Client machines are XP
or Win2000 Pro. Then I ran gpupdate /force on client machines. Still no
changes after testing with new logins.

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for any help.

Sol Rodriguez


First, check to make sure that the permissions of the policy are not
preventing the client machines from applying it. Default permissions for the
policy usually allow Read and Apply Policy to Authenticated Users, which
includes the machines.

Or else, try this...
On the computers that are not applying the policy, look in the
(hidden) folder C:\WINNT\security\templates\policies. There are several
files with extensions -

Check the attributes of each file. If the Read-only attribute is set,
delete all the files in that folder and refresh policy with secedit (or a
reboot). That should recreate the files without the Read-only attribute and
the policy should then be applied.


Thanks for your help. I'm definitely going to remember those tips for
another time, but I figured out what my problem was. After downloading the
Group Policy Managment Console (gpmc.msi) I could see that I accidentally set
the GP for the domain controller instead of the domain. I guess I needed to
take a step back and not be in such a hurry!.

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