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Bruce Musgrove

I know this will be simple for several of you but for some reason my mind
can't grab this concept....

Screen saver is activated via GPA at the domain level. I have a few PC's
that we need to turn this feature off.

How do I do this short of creating a new OU for these machines, blocking
inheritance, and then maintaining second GP identical to the Domain one
except for turning off the screen saver?

I am trying to avoid having to maintain two separate GP's that are
identical except for the Screen saver issue. I don't mind activating a
second one just to turn off the screen saver, as long as I can keep the root
domain level policy applying with my default settings.



Laura E. Hunter \(MVP\)

You can configure filtering of Group Policy using either OUs or security

For the scenario you describe, you can create a second GPO that only
contains the relevant screensaver setting, then create a group containing
the relevant users and give them the "Read" and "Apply Group Policy"
permission for the GPO. (Removing those permissions for all other users.)
Remember that 2000 & XP machines & users can apply multiple GPOs, you don't
need to rely on just one.

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