Screen Saver issue in Vista


Michael Whittle

I've searched screen saver issues and can't find anything about this
particular issue. I have my screen saver set on Photos, Setting are on Pan
and Zoom and the speed is set to Slow. Shuffle contents is also checked.
Wait time is set to 10 minutes. The screen saver comes on after idle for 10
minutes, the pictures shuffle and the pan and zoom are working fine.
The issues is when I being to use the computer again, all of my open windows
are resized into the upper left part of the screen, the screen will
"refresh", the task bar will move back to the bottom part of the screen, the
"gadget" bar will move back to the right side where it should be, but my open
windows are still resized to the upper left of the screen.
In order to get them back to "maximize" i have to minimize and reopen, or
restore down and then maximize.
My desktop picture and icons are not affected by this, only the open
programs and/or browser windows.
I've searched this issue and can't seem to find anything about it.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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