Screen resolution problems



I right click on the desktop and select properties then
settings in the display properties. I want to lower the
screen resolution to make the icons bigger but whenever I
move the arrow left in the screen resolution to this
setting all it does is keep the same resolution but
decreases the screen size so there is now a black boarder
around it. I want it to stretch out to the full screen
but everything is just larger. I have spent hours trying
to fix this problem with no success. I think the problem
is that I have a multiple monitor setting on as my
primary dispay so turning this off might solve it but i
dont know how. in the window above instead of showing one
monitor there are two squares labelled one and two and i
want only one primary monitor i think. If i select the
second display which is the default monitor changing the
resolution does nothing because the tick box stating
whether it is the primary driver is not checked and it is
blocked so i cant click it on. Somebody please help me.



Delwin Lee [MSFT]

Are you using a laptop? This is a known limitation with some graphics
processes used in laptops (i.e. not being able to stretch a non-native
resolution to the screen's resolution).

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