screen locked while waiting for login


Georg Bauer

Hi there!

I have installed Novell Client for Windows on Win2kPro

After powering on my PC, the window with the CTRL+ALT+DEL-Picture
Now it could be that noone will log on.
And after 10 minutes the screen locks. When I now press Ctrl+Alt+Del
for loggin in, I got the message, that the workstation is locked and
only the locking user or an administrator can unlock the pc. But I dont
know the admitistrators userid and password and there is no user logged
in. The only solution I know is to reboot the pc ?!?

Second problem is, that after the screen has been locked and I try to
log in, there is only the windows-tab shown on the Novell login-form.

May be, there is a simple solution for this, can anybody help me?
Are there any parameters for the installation-process to define, that
the start-screen should never been locked?

Thanks in advance

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