screen blank except under safe mode



I took my computer to another location and hooked it up to a monitor that I
had previously used. Both the previous monitor and the one I am trying to
use are pretty basic CRTs. If I start up normally I get a blank display
when I start Vista. If I start in Safe Mode, with or without Networking, I
get a display. Display Settings refers only to "Default Monitor".

Since I get a blank display when I start Vista normally, I don't seem to
have any options to tell it that I have a different monitor. I tried to
select a low resolution in Safe Mode but I still get a blank screen if I
don't use Safe Mode.

In the "Old Days" I would have used Safe Mode to tell the system that I had
a whimpy monitor and restarted. Then I would have selected a monitor that
matched the one I have.

Any Ideas????????




Any Ideas????????

Try going into Device Manager and deleting Display adapter driver.
Reboot and let Vista find it again.


-Jeff B.
(e-mail address removed)

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I don't mean to impose,
but I am the Ocean."

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Thanks for the help. Enable low resolution worked.

Vista still thinks I have the Phillips monitor that I was using previously.
The monitor I am now using is an old Magnavox and I have not figured out how
to tell Vista that I am now using this monitor.

I think that my problem might have been that I had a higher refresh rate set
than this monitor can handle.

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