scanpst.exe doesn't work on pst file



I got error message to run Scanpst in Outlook 2000. wouldn't work. Was told
to upgrade to outlook 2007 and it would fix it. Scanpst.exe still will not
fix, it stop half way and say that there is an error. Still cannot get
personal files or old address book. the file is outlook 2,068,601 kb so I
know it's still there can i restore this file!!! HELP!!

Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I]

You've exceeded the maximum size. .PST files corrupt when they grow to
about 1.6 Gb. See if this article helps:
To repair a 2GB Personal Folders or Offline Folders file

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Thanks Hal, I've run the PST recovery and reduced the file. I get an error
about half way that simple error has occured and you files have not
changed. I tried the ihex, have everything downloaded but i think It's way
over my simple brain, do you know a support crew I can call or have any other
suggestions? I really appreciate your help. Butch


If you google for OL recovery you will find a whole bunch of companies
pleased to extract $$, the better ones work on a no recovery no fee basis.
PS upgrading to OL2007 will have no impact on a corrupt OL2k pst


OUTSTANDING! For $60.00 I download aprogram called "Outlook Tool Box"
Everything returned! THANK YOU!!


scanpst.exe simply does not work or resolves Outlook PST corruption in every circumstances. the need of the hour is some effective third party Outlook PST repair software.
for more information:

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