.pst corrupt, scanpst.exe broken, .pst file missing



The issue is I cannot delete files from the delete folder. should I just
leave it or...

am best to just uninstall Outlook (or Office as a whole) and then reinstall

Tried all the layperson stuff and fixes like repair from HELP tab, and
repair from disc. Found the scanpst.exe file but it displays a broken
symbol, and I cannot locate the .pst file anywhere to repair it anyhow from
browse & search for .pst (advanced). One repair program returns an error
message that it cannot access a temp file for sketch? and I may not have
access rights. (retry, abort, quit) I don't understand what that is.

Any direction welcome, thanks Jim




Uninstall/Reinstall is unlikely to help, particularly if the data file is

The scanpst.exe Icon is a 'broken' symbol
You have to enable hidden files to be able to locate your pst file
Is this a Vista sys?


Vista 32 bit, SP2. I recall the hidden files thing, but don't know where
that is? Thanks Jim


I used the scanpst.exe file even though it appears "broken" (envelope torn in
2?) and repaired the Outlook pst file in the Apps folder. Crossed fingers
and legs et viola! worked!

All this after a well-meaning "help desker" yesterday set up a whole
duplicate Outlook profile for me, that only partially worked and took a few
hours to try to get working.

Thanks DL for looking into this, Jim


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