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Dec 12, 2003
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My E-mail to Scan Support - My advise, try novetech or dabs, alternatively you could render your own silicon and create your pc from scratch, it would be quicker.

Dear XXXX,

I finally received the system after 3 weeks of sending parts back and forth, cpu coolers that didn't fit, etc, etc. When I finally get the "built" system one of the CPUs had not been attached properly and had fallen off. The SATA drives had been wired up incorrectly. The case fan system had not been wired correctly. The cables were fastened so tightly that I couldn't fit the DVD drive. The Case manual was not sent back. The SATA drives were plugged into the wrong sockets! The Promise RAID controller had not been configured to RAID 0 as "promised". The BIOS had failed and required reflashing. All of these problems were resolved over the past couple of days by me.

More seriously:
1) The Computer appears to crash periodically and loose visability of one of the chips. XXXX mentioned that one of the chips was blown before in the same way, I was concerned that he has changed the chip and not fixed the underlying cause, i.e. The motherboard could be blowing the chips. I have not received a response to my query to XXX on the precise cause.

2) The case was sent back with a backing plate unattached and in the box! does that mean that one of the cpus has not been fitted correctly? Could it be the one that disappears?

2) The graphics card (despite my specifically asking the sales person - XXXX) appears NOT to be fully compatible with this motherboard!!!!!

I am seeking support directly from ASUS and ATI to confirm this, please can you find out from your technical staff if this is the case, in which case I will be sending it back or replacing it for a card that works.

We have come on leaps an bounds in 3 weeks, I now have a £2600 partially working system that periodically blue screen crashes with incompatible hardware, as opposed to nothing at all. I would ask for my money back, but from reading through the newsgroups I notice that a number of your customers are involved in small claims court proceedings and I have wasted enough of my time sitting in a queue listening to your answering machine tell me how "excellent" you people are.

To say I am disappointed with Scan is an understatement, I am utterly traumatised,



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