Saving Excel 2007 as PDF - the PDF looks different from the Excel



I am trying to save an Excel document as PDF by using the "save as PDF or
XPS". I get the pdf document but it looks different from the Excel document.
On one page there is text missing and on several pages dates have been
converted to #####.

How do I fix this so that my pdf document is identical to my Excel document?



Dave Peterson

Maybe you could widen the column first -- or reduce the font size for those
offending cells.



Jon Peltier

I've had good results using utilities such as PDFCreator, PrimoPDF, and
CutePDF. These and many more similar utilities are freeware programs that
install a printer driver, so you essentially print your PDF files. I can't
say the results will be better than what the XPF/PDF command will produce,
but I suspect they will be.

- Jon

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