Saving documents directly to shared drive using Microsoft Office 2



This is the error message that users does not happen for all users
on our domain, and it just recently started to happen.

Excel cannot save the file to this location. To save the changes and avoid
losing data in your file, click the Microsoft office button, point to save as
and click excel workbook, and then specify a location on your computer.

Users can save other docs such as pdf's or they can save the files to their
local pc, and copy and paste...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Hi. Several things may being happening. I will describe in order so you can
check them out.
1- Check with your LAN administrator this is IT (Information Technology) for
any restrictions on that particular drive/group/folder. IT has the power to
prevent anyone to save files anywhere
2- Check with IT whether the memory allocated in the LAN to the user (s)
that are trying to save the file has been reached to the limit. In this case
two options. a) Users MUST start deleting all source of unuseful files they
migh have at this location (LAN). I am assuming the that LAN is controlled by
windows. b) That IT allocate some more memory to those users. Again, IT has
this power. 3- Finally, the LAN memory has been completly used so it is full.
In this case, everybody should start deleting file everywhere, ALL KIND OF
FILES, that are not useful. This will free up some memory. If this is the
case, honestly, I would find a bigger hard drive for the LAN. I don't think
that the memory that has been freeded up would last for long. Remember, LAN
is a shared resource. This means, everybody is putting and taking a way files
from a single repository. So you can do the math.

My best guess is scenario 2.a. that I just described. Please let me know
your thoughts and results. Gook luck.

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