Save custom captions in other template than


I am running word 2003 SP3.
I am creating templates that should be distributed to many users and I like
to create a custom caption.

Is there a way to save the custom caption to the template I create instead
of to the

If not, is there a smart way to get this custom caption "automatically"
transferred into my created template?

Very greatful for any help, this is a major showstopper for me.
Thanks in advance


Thank you Stefan,

How do you work with this, maybee I am doing things wrong here?

The custom caption I created was to be able to crossreference to a
"reference litterature list" eg: "1. Standard 1", "2. standard 2" and "see.
ref 2" in text.

Is there another way of doing this without having to create the custom




Stefan Blom

You can manually bookmark the (relevant parts of) the caption and then
insert a cross-reference to the bookmark.

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