Same Authentication for Multiple RAS Servers



I am quite new to using RAS, and I am wondering if someone out there
could pass on some of their knowledge.

I have Routing and Remote Access set up on a Windows 200 Server
machine. Our goal is to allow users to dial in over a modem or connect
directly via a communications cable to this RAS service. Currently I
am able to do so with no trouble. As part of user authentication, I
have to specify Username, Password, and Domain. The only domain I am
able to specify and have successfully work is the machine name. For

Username: rasuser
Password: raspass
Domain: RASSVR1

I set up this user within Local Users and Groups (lusrmgr.msc).
This wouldn't be too bad, but there will likely be more than one RAS
machine set up (ex. RASSVR1, RASSVR2, RASSVR3, and RASSVR4) and the
clients won't know exactly which one they are dialing. If these
servers are part of a network would it be possible to use a network
username and password on the network domain? If so, I've tried this
and haven't had any luck, would there be any additional setup required?
Otherwise, is there a way to connect, requiring the username and pass,
but not the domain?
Basically I am wondering if there is a way to connect to one of
multiple ras servers without having to use different authentication
parameters (username, password, and domain) for each server.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Bill Grant

If the RRAS server is a standalone you set up the dialin properties
under local users. If it is a domain member, you set this up under domain
users and groups.

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