Runtime version for split database



Hi Group,
I have an access database and i have splitted the database into two contains tables and the other with forms,queries,reports,macros

is it possible for me to create a runtime version for the split
datasbase??can the user choose where to instal the tables in runtime version?

Allen Browne

You can write code that executes on startup, to test if the data is
connected. If not, you pop up a File Open dialog and ask the user to locate
the data file. If they successfully locate the back end with the right
tables, you set the Connect property of each TableDef (remembering to
RefreshLink), and it will stay that way. If the user cannot locate the back
end, you quit.

Years ago, Microsoft released a sample of how to do that. It's the module in

In terms of creating the runtime installation, I suggest you do not include
the back end as part of the package. Place the blank data file on the disk,
but don't install it onto the user's machine. Your instructions (readme
file) will need to explain that file needs to be copied to a server (or
shared location) for the first install.


nobody who builds professional software uses jet.

move to SQL Server and it's easier

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