Error Loading C:\program files\novell\zenworks\nalexp32.dll
the specified module could not be found

get this on startup.

Pretty sure this can be fixed in the registry but I can not figure it out.
Also, when I go to the folder 'C:\program files\novell\zenworks' there is not
any nalexp32.dll which I think is the problem. Anyone have any suggestions?


Tim Meddick

A few possibilities...

1). If you still have the Novell Zenworks installation disk, try
re-installing the program - that will fix the missing file problem.

If you *never* use your Novell Zenworks program, goto :

"Control Panel" - "Add or Remove Programs"

....and remove it from your system - again, problem solved.

2). If you need and want Novell Zenworks on your PC, do not have the
install disk - there's a chance if the program came pre-installed with the
PC, that if you also go to :

"Control Panel" - "Add or Remove Programs"

....that there will be an option to "repair", but this is by no-means a

3). But for now, if you just want the irritating error message at start-up
to go away - type msconfig into the "Run" box on the Start Menu, then click
on the "Start Up" tab. Scroll down the list to find the entry which points
at [c:\program files\novell\zenworks\nalexp32.dll] and "un" chackmark it. -
no more error messages (but the functionality of the Novell Zenworks
program may be negatively affected - but no more than it was before).

4). Finally, googling for the missing file [nalexp32.dll] may give you a
replacement file.


Cheers, Tim Meddick, Peckham, London. :)

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