RUNAS has stopped



HP dc7600 Desktop
Intel Dual Core 3.0ghz
1.5gb RAM

Since the morning of 21st May I have been unable to use RUNAS. I use
it heavily in both explorer, from the command line and for frequent
used cesktop shortcuts. The information entered is simple "runas /
user:DOMAIN\USERNAME mmc"and the account information is correct. I
have tried multiple ways of using runas from a command line (see end
of post) but it gets me the same thing nothing - no errors on screen
or in event viewer, no CPU usage, etc... bugger all happens.

:Action Taken:
Very little I'm afraid. I have ensured Secondary Logon is running.
MMC is in the right directory and RUNAS does exist in the dllcache. I
have replaced the RUNAS executable. Accounts are not locked out and
no changes have been made.

Suggestions welcome.

runas /user:DOMAIN\USERNAME "c:\windows\system32\dsa.msc"
runas /user:DOMAIN\USERNAME c:\windows\system32\dsa.msc
runas /user:DOMAIN\USERNAME "dsa.msc"
runas /user:DOMAIN\USERNAME dsa.msc
runas /user:[email protected] "c:\windows\system32\dsa.msc"
runas /user:[email protected] c:\windows\system32\dsa.msc
runas /user:[email protected] "dsa.msc"
runas /user:[email protected] dsa.msc

I have tried different accounts, not just my own.


I done a system restore to when the machine as able to use command
line RunAs. This worked for 3hrs and then stopped again.
I should have mentioned that this is for command line only RunAs,
right mouse clicking works just fine.


Interesting new development;
When trying to use RunAs to open a new IE6 window, explorer.exe is
killed and no additional IE6 windows open. I also get the McAfee red
M icon appear (grey box with a bold red M in its centre).


Hah! It was so obvious! Fixed while working on a seperate problem
whereby a users account lockouts for no reason.
While testing the alockout.dll (a few days before the problem started)
on a users machine and finding it very unhelpful I decided to do the
same thing on my machine - the next day (most likely after a reboot).
I start having the RunAs problems.
After going back to the log file for alockout.dll and noticing what it
does then going back to my problem I noticed this;

Alockout.dll attaches itself to every executed executable on the
machine and logs when it attaches to the file and when it removes its
attachment. RunAs more often than not uses a seperate account to run,
this account and program has to associate itself with alockout.dll to
log the interaction...
Remove this interaction and the machine returns to normal.

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