Rule, sent from a specific user



Our sales department sent 'on behalf of' our general sales mail
address (say: (e-mail address removed)). The sent mails come in every client
'sent items' box. Now I want to get these mails back to one general
folder, so I will make a rule which will do this. However in my Rules
conditions list I can not find anything that refers to the 'Sender'
field or 'From' field.

We use Exchange2007 / Outlook 2007.

Do I overlook something here, or is this not possible?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Robert,

Thanks for your answer, but this is not what I am looking for. The
general e-mail adres is a mail enabled public folder, which collect al
incoming mails. This is the most easy way to let more people check
this folder for mails. Now if you send a mail 'on behalf of' this mail
the sent mail comes in the client sent mail items. Now I had the idea
to move this sent item to the public folder with a rule.

Maybe you have another idea?


Roady [MVP]

Aha, a mail enabled Public Folder changes a lot here ;-)

If they were to assign a specific category to the message, then it would be
easy to fire a rule against it upon sending and move the message to a
specified folder. Sadly, you cannot automatically assign a message a
category upon arriving in a mail enabled Public Folder.

You can however use a Transport Rule on the Exchange server to prepend the
Subject with a specific string which you can use for outgoing message
filtering via rules.

Another solution would be to use the Lucatec MASK add-in;

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