RSS Feeds disappear in Outlook 2007




After a while my RSS feeds are disappearing from Outlook 2007 and cannot be
found even on Account Settings anymore.

It seems to happen when Outlook cannot reach the RSS feed for some time. In
my situation I work at home using a direct Internet connection and at Work
using PROXY. Now it seems that if Outlook is opened during the time when I
switch the connection, it tries to connect to the feeds and fails.

This results in that the RSS feeds are removed from Outlook's Account
Settings. In Internet Explorer RSS Feeds they're still available however. I
also checked the <profilename>.xml.kfl file and it includes ALL feeds as
found in IE7.

Anybody has a clue what to do? Is there something I can configure?


I'm having the same problem, every once in a while at random the feeds
completely disappear from Outlook account settings. Frankly between this
problem and Vista x64 problems I am getting ready to get a freaking MAC.

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