RRAS removing problem..



os: 2003 server SP1

when i try to disable rras getting error message and cannot be removing..

error message:

"Routing and Remote Access cannot be removed because of the following error.
please see event log for more information.
The service cannot accept control messages at this time.

note: rras (service) status is alwasy appearing as "stopping" in the right

I have right clicked to RRAS in the Computer Management/Services and then
clicked the Properties but as i said Service Status: Stopping.. but other
buttons (start, stop, pause, resume) not clickable (disabled)

how can i stop this service and remove?

Janani [MSFT]

Looks like RRAS is obviously hung due to some bad state into which the
machine has gone into.
Change the start-up state of RRAS to "demand"
(sc config remoteaccess start= demand)

and then reboot the machine.

After the reboot RRAS will be in a stopped state. Then try disabling RRAS.

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