RRAS NAT DNS forwarding



Ok, here's my issue.

I have a Win2k server with 2 nics. One connected to the
internet and one connected to a local lan. I've
installed Rass with Nat translation and chose my internet
nic as the one to route traffic though. My problem is
this. I can ping the internet nic, internet gateway, and
ping the ip address of external websites. But for some
reason it won't route dns to the internet nic.

for example i'm not able to ping www.yahoo.com but i can
ping yahoo's ip address.

I understand you are suppose to see a NAT option under Ip
Routing in RRAS but i don't have that option. i've tried
several times to add and remove the service. No go!

Help Please??!!



Bill Grant

What DNS does your server use? Your ISP?

If so, set your LAN clients DNS setting to the server's LAN NIC. From
the RRAS console of the server, go to NAT | Properties. Click the Name
Resolution tab, and enable name resolution. This turns on the DNS proxy
software. DNS requests arriving on the LAN NIC will be forwarded to the DNS
server at your ISP.

If your server is running AD and has its own DNS service, you need to
set up forwarders from your local DNS to the DNS server at the ISP. This may
require removing the . at the top of the DNS tree. You cannot enable
forwarders on a root server.

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