RRAS Gateway to Gateway VPN troubles



I'm trying to setup a gateway to gateway VPN with the main offic
connecting to the remote office but its not connecting. I've followe
all the instructions from isaserver.org on connecting ISA server t
RRAS but it still doesn't work. I can ping the remote sites router bu
they can't ping the main offices router. ISA is setup to accep
connections on PPTP and L2TP ports and the accounts are correct. Th
main office RRAS window shows 'connecting' but never does. I can get
client VPN to work but so is it a setup thing?

Any help is much appreciated!

Here's a bit of info on the infrastructure to get you going. The mai
office has two nics in the server, one for the internal 10.x.x.
network the other with the public ip address ( It
running w2k sp4 with ISA sever. The remote computer has the same setu
1 nic on an internal 10.131.x.x range and the second on
no ISA server though.





Bill Grant

This is always a bit tricky, because ISA uses a setup wizard for these
connections. When you set up the "home" site, it creates a file to run to
set up the "branch" site.

RRAS doesn't do it that way. Each site has to be configured separately,
and you have to set up the routing yourself, using demand-dial interfaces.

The key here is that, to successfully create a routed connection, the
"calling" router must use the name of the demand-dial inteface on the
"answering" router as its username. That is how the system knows which dd
interface to use for the connection. If the "calling" router was set up
using the ISA wizard, this might not be happening.

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