Windows XP RPC Terminated

Feb 22, 2008
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Remote Procedure Call Terminated Unexpedidly

i have a computer with microsof windows xp proffesional service pack 1 but most downloads i.e internet explorer , windows media player 11 have to have microsfot windows service pack 2. so i downloaded service pack 2 from a microsoft website wich i downloaded some updates from. after mocrosoft service pack 2 had downloaded i installed the software. after installation it told me i had to restart my computer fort updates and my new service pack 2 software to be installed properly and ready to use. but ever since i restarted my computer it takes a while to load up the log on menu then i log on. after about 10 seconds to about 30 seconds a box appears sayin " windows shutdown" in this box it then says windows has to restard because of remote procedure call (RPC) terminated unexpectidly. my windows then closes and says logging of but then it freezes on this and finally the computer restarts. but i have tryed restarting my computer about 30 times now and it just keeps on sayin "windows shutdown" and wont let me use my computer. what can i do to stop this from happening
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