RPC server is unavailable


Scott Elgram

I have recently been experiencing a problem on many of the computers on
my network. All these affected systems are having trouble logging off.
From what I have been able to find out I believe that this problem is some
how related to similar errors like this:
The COM+ Event System failed to fire the Logoff method on subscription
{AAD1D51F-1279-4831-8684-D99F99B3CC62}. The subscriber returned HRESULT
After some research into these problems I found that 800706BA refers to
0x800706BA which means "The RPC server is unavailable". This is where I'm
stuck......if I am understanding this right it's a problem with my Win2k
Server and or the communication between the server and the affected
machines. I also found that this is a side effect from the MSBlaster virus
because it utilizes DCom and the RPC server for it self. So I ran scans but
found nothing.

Any suggestions on how I may resolve this please?

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