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| Just double checking before I wire my house. I set up my ps2 at one end of
| the house by my tv, and the modem by my comp. at the other end of the house.
| I am going to run an ethernet wire through the cieleng and wall, then put
| ethernet jack into the wall (like a phone jack), so that basically, I have
| ethernet jack, that I can plug into with my ps2. Then I will buy a router.
| Now what do I do with the other end of the ethernet wire (the one closer to
| the modem) The only other thing I know is that I have to put a short
| wire between my ps2 (the ethernet port on it) and the ethernet jack on the
| wall close by. Also, I'm not sure what to do with the router.. Any help
| be greatly appreciated. thank you.

Your ISP is Bell sympatico but I can't tell if you are DSL or Cable.

Cable or Telephone wire from ISP goes to modem. CAT5 twisted-pair Ethwernet
cable goes from
modem to WAN port of Router. The computers and PS2 connect to the LAN ports
of the Router.
I'll assume that you'll get a Router such as the Linksys BEFSR41 that has a
10/100MB/s Ether switch. The computers and PS2 are connected to those LAN
ports. Router
settings will be dependent upon if you are on DSL or Cbale especially if is
DSL using

As always, I suggest blocking TCP and UDP ports 135 ~ 139 and 445 on *any*
SOHO Router.

Sry, i had to renew this thread in order to get replies.
Ok, when you say CAT 5 twisted-pair ethernet cable, is that some special
kind of ethernet cable that I have to get? Or is it just a fancy name? And
also, going from the router to the ps2... Would it work/Should I put an
ethernet jack in the comp. room, and hook up the ethernet cable from the LAN
port of the router to the jack? Im not sure what that would do... Would it
feed that signal TOO the ps2? or would it not work at all. I know that you
usually only feed the ethernet signal through TOO a jack and thats where it
comes out.

Its confusing I know, but im not sure of any other way to explain it.

Jimmy S.

| Your ISP is Bell sympatico but I can't tell if you are DSL or Cable.

For future reference:
Bell provides DSL service in direct competition with Cable service providers. ;-)

Cheers, Windows XP MVP Shell / User
Jimmy S.

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