Roaming profiles w/ outlook 2000 and exchange 2003 : big problem



Hello all, could you please help me ?

All of the workstations (Win2K Pro) of the network uses roaming
profiles with great success, except for Outlook 2000 (used with an
Exchange 2003 server).

The outlook configuration seems to be not saved in the roaming
profiles => So when I try to run Outlook on a different workstation
with a roaming profile, it is not configured properly (exchange
account is not listed, for example).

I have found a lot of informations about problems with outlook and
roaming profiles, but it's difficult for me to "select" correct
informations and apply them to my situation...

Thank you in advance,


PS : sorry for my bad english



Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

A key issue with Outlook 2000 is whether you have configured it in
Corporate/Workgroup mode or Internet Mail only mode. Only CW mode supports
Exchange. The Outlook mode is not part of the user profile, but is per
machine. Look on Help | About to see what you have.

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