Risk of disableing "user account control"


Bob F

I have a Konica/Minolta 2430DL network printer on my network with XP and a Vista
PC's. I have had constant problems getting the printer to work with the Vista
PC - never a problem with XP. I finally found the following page which indicates
the problem is "user account control" (UAC) and disableing that makes it work.
Sure enough, it does.


My question is - what are the risks of doing this on a PC on a home network? Is
it something I need to worry about. It seems as though this function is
something that was not used in XP at all. Deisableing it did not seem to
affa=ect the account login when booting the PC.

Gene E. Bloch

Little since I have serviced computers infected with UAC enabled. Therefore
I think it is more of an annoyance than anything else.

That to me reads like "I have known people to get the flu after getting
a flu shot, so vaccination is more an annoyance than anything else".

Gene E. Bloch

I can see that but I don't see UAC actually helping, only hindering.

Since I don't have any such problems with my system and haven't heard of
this sort of problem otherwise, I find that I suspect that the hindrance
relates to a bug in the driver, or perhaps not so much a bug as a driver
which has not caught up with the latest OS.

The forum thread has a link to the latest drivers; the OP has not said
that he tried them.

That thread also says that "KM blames MS and MS says it's KM's drivers."
I believe the latter; YMMV :)

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