RIS STOP: c000021a


P Basham


I am having RIS problems, hope someone can help.

I have installed RIS on a Win2k Server (SP4 and fully
patched to date). During RIS setup I created a Win2kPro
image (SP4), and later installed a WinXP image (SP1a) using
active directory <servername>-Remote Install- Advanced
Settings-Images options.

From client machine (new Dell Optiplex GX60) I booted from
the Nic (Intel Pro/100M onboard) but failed to connect
(strange), DHCP is configured and enabled on the network. I
then made a boot disk using RBFG.exe, and this successfully
connected me to the RIS server.

After logon I was offered the correct 2 choices (Win2kPro
and WinXP). I chose XP and was informed the network card
was not supported. I then copied the Nic driver files to
the RemoteInstall\Setup\English\Images\<imagename>\i386
folder, rebooted the client and successfully installed the
WinXP image.

After the client rebooted after OS installation I received
the WinXP loading screen for a period of time before a blue
screen with the following error;

STOP: c000021a {Fatal System Error}
The Session Manager Initialization System process
terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x0000263
(0x00000000) (0x00000000). The system has been shut down.

Any Ideas?

P Basham

Rob Savage

I had this while testing RIS and it was all down to slipstreaming XP
SP1a onto the base OS image.

We now install the service pack as part our riprep image, and leave
SUS/Windows Update to do any patches (as again, we had problems if a
image craeted via riprep had patches or updates applied to it -
there's plenty on google/M$ KB regarding this).



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