RIS Problem...


Gerry Paradis

Good day...

We are having weird problems and we need help. Here's how our servers
are configured...

Building A : 1 server with DHCP Service installed but doesn't hand out
IPs and also has the RIS Service installed.

Building B : 1 server with DHCP Service installed that distributes IPs
for Building A and B and also has the RIS Service installed.

On the DHCP Server, there's a scope for Building A and Building B.
The DHCP Server from Building A is a backup in case the one in
Building B dies. So it's running, but no scopes enabled...

Here's what's happening...
From Building B, we can start the RIS Process properly. It uses the
RIS on Building B. All is good!

However, from Building A, the RIS Process starts properly, but it
points to the RIS Server in Building B. We want to point to the RIS on
Building A.

We tried adding Scope Options 60/66/67 but when we do, we get TFTP
Download Failed.

Hopefully, I gave all the information needed.

Please Help!!! :)



NIC Student

Hi Gerry,

Problem here is: when the dhcp process occurs, the dhcp reply packet from
Server B is not only a dhcp offer but *also* has the ris information
included with it. Clients in area A will not do another dhcp sequence to
find your Area A RIS server becuase they already have an ip address for
themselves to use, plus the ip of a RIS server (Server B)

From what I understand of your setup, you can do two things: prestage the
clients when RISing so you can select the RIS server the clients will use.
I don't like doing this, it's too much work IMHO. The other thing you can
do is make ServerA the active dhcp server for building A and make Server B
the backup for server A's scopes, which you disable until needed.

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