RIS Problem?


Monty Slayton

I have an issue with Remote Installation Services. In my latest image I
slipstreamed SP4 and all went well. The new image uploaded correctly and the
download works well until it enters what appears to be an area where it
might be reading the .sif file but I am not sure. The machine jumps into the
GUI portion then hangs at the Windows Setup area and just says "Please
wait". My .sif file appears to be intact and all pointers are correct. Is
there a log or some indicator that I can find that might point to the
problem? If I am in the wrong group please direct me.




Jeremy Church

Did you slipstream the service pack on the same volume that RIS is contained
on? You cannot do this because of the SIS Groveler. You must slipstream
the SP to an fresh image from a CD on a volume other than your RIS volume.


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