RIS and Invisible images



Using RIS on Server 2003 with a flat WinXP image from retail CD. I installed this image on a box and loaded our other corporate apps, etc. I used RIPREP to create another image. During an installation I cannot see the new image and can only use the original WinXP image. I have used the CD based image on 5 boxes with no problem. All of my boxes are hardware identical...so there shouldn't be a HAL problem. I've recreated the RIPREP image a couple of times along with recycling BINLSVC. Any ideas






On server 2003 it only shows Images that have the same
HAL as the machine you are imaging. The HAL also include
whether or not the machine is Multi CPU. So if an image
was made with Hyperthreading on and you later use a
machine with Hyperthreading disabled (default on alot of
machines) it wont see the image and visa versa.

Might not be this. but ive seen it myself.

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