right margin conversion issue



I write briefs on my Vista computer using Word 2007 which are always saved as
Word 2003-97 documents. I always use one inch margins which means that the
right margin/right indent mark on the horizontal ruler is at 6 ½ inches. My
secretary then edits and generates a table of contents on her Windows XP
machine using Word 2002. She opens the document on her computer the actual
right margin is actually 1 ½ inches from the right edge of the page, but the
right margin/right indent mark on the horizontal ruler shows up as being at 6
½ inches. My secretary manually makes the adjustment by moving the right
margin a ½ inch and completes the brief. When I pull the document up again
on my computed, the right margin will indicate that its at the 6 ½ inch mark,
but the actual margin will be ½ inch from the right edge of the page in line
with the right indent mark. This situation varies depending upon what my
secretary does to manually make the adjustment. But the bottom line is that
right what shows up as being correct on my computer is ½ inch off on my
secretary's and vice versa. Its like a tug-of-war. It is only happening
with the right margin and is not happening on with the others in my office
who are also using Word 2007 on Vista computers. Can anyone explain why
this is happening and how to fix it?



Stefan Blom

Generally, the reason for this could be that you are using different printer

Also note that if you are using comments, or if you are tracking changes,
Word could be reserving space for the so-called balloons in the right margin.

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