Review of Ideal Blu-ray Copy



Ideal Blu-ray Copy is an ideal and efficient blu-ray copier, backup
and burner software, but also a powerful blu-ray decrypter.

Ideal Blu-ray Copy offers 10 days free full function trial. During the
trial period, you can copy any copy protected blu ray disc to your
computer hard drive as a BDMV folder or a single image ISO file, you
also can burn the original blu ray disc to blank bluray directly just
by one click, or burn blu ray folder or iso file from computer hard
disk to blank blu ray without any function limitation.

Ideal Blu-ray Copy can remove all bluray copy protection while
copying, such as AACS, BD-live, UOPs and region code. And the copied
blu ray disc won't have any copy protection at all. Now, Ideal Blu-ray
Copy can handle the latest MKB v25 copy protection which is found in
the 10th generation blu ray discs. And Ideal DVD Software team always
work hard on decryption, keep updating Ideal Blu-ray Copy to copy the
latest bluray movies.

Ideal Blu-ray Copy supports two copy modes at present, entire disc and
only the main movie. If you want to get the same quality and content
as the original bluray cars 2, then you may use the default mode
"Entire disc" mode. Want to deleted the unwanted subtitle and audio
track, just use "Only the main movie" mode, it can fit your need. But
the current version 1.11 can't shrink a bluray 50GB to 25GB, they plan
to realize this feature in version 1.2.

Visit to learn more about
this powerful blu ray copier. It already can copy cars 2,
transformers 3, stupid crasy love and thor etc.

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