Retrieval of "spam" emails



Sometimes I see from the preview of messages received that an email has come
from someone which is not a spam contact. This then disappears rapidly and
only the permitted emails enter my inbox. I don't know how to access the
disappeared emails (ie via a deleted box) to reclaim the emails were not
spam. I would rather have several possible spam emails flagged as ?spam than
lose some that might be important. Can you help?

Sam Hobbs

It is the "Junk E-mail" folder you want to look at. Yes, it often gets false
positives and I understand that any false positives are bad. I have gotten
many false positives that I don't understand why the messages were
considered spam. It has been happening much less lately, though. You should
look at all the messages in the Junk E-mail folder, at least the subject and
sender, to find the messages that you do want. Then you need to right-click
on the good messages and choose "Junk E-mail | Add sender to safe sender's
list" so the messages from that address do not get mis-categorized in the
future. Then make sure you read the message because the next step will cause
it to be flagged as already read. You can choose the "Not junk" menu item (I
forget where it is) and the message will be moved out of the Junk E-mail

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