Restricted User Group cannot print on local printer



We have a desktop machine running XP Pro and a local USB thermal ticket
printer connected. Note that the printer does come with unsigned drivers from
the manufacturer.
The machine is not joined to any domain and is intended to be used by the

If you are logged in as local admin the printer prints fine. If you login as
a Restricted User (in built in Users Group), you can see the printer but when
you attempt printing the printer spooler shows an error and you can never

We did try putting this user in the Power Users Group and he can print fine.
But the objective is to have him in the Users Group with limited priviledges.
Any ideas?



Alan Morris [MSFT]

My first guess is that the print driver creates files in %windir%\temp
(windows system temp location) rather than %temp% (users temp location).

Check with the driver vendor if they write files to specific locations
during rendering.

Alternately give users write access to %windir%\temp and verify the user
can print.

If you changed the default security in %windir%\system32\spool\printers,
this could also be the issue (users have create file access to this

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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