Restrict Internet not Intranet



I work on a domain that allows all users on the domain
access to the Internet. I would like to restrict a
particular PC from using the Internet but not the
intranet. I know that in group policy I can setup a proxy
server setting using which won't allow them to
get to the internet but it also won't allow them to get to
the Intranet. There is a space to put in exceptions but
the space allows very few exception sites. I was
wondering if besides a real proxy server setting if there
was another way to restrict this pc from access the
Internet but not the intranet.




We have something called Browse Control You can view details and
download the fully functional trial from:

With this you can either turn internet off totally, or linit it to
certain times of fa, e.g. lunch hours or, as you wish to certain sites or intranet.

Hope this helps!!

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