Restoring backups



Can a backup made using Ultimate be restored using Home Premium?

I can 'see' the different backups using Restore Files but after selecting
the folders I want to restore I get an error that states The backup file
cannot be found.

The backup device is an external drive that was Drive H on the old system
but is Drive J on the new one if that makes a difference.



File Backup is available with Vista Home Premium but not Complete PC Backup.
File backups are in Zip format and the following may help:

"For your info: "These are standard Zip files that you can open by using the
Zip decompression capabilities in Windows or by using other Zip tools (Such
as Winzip). Because Windows can search zip files, you can quickly find a
backup of a specific file by searching the backup folders, and then extract
that file from the compressed folder without directly accessing the Backup
and Restore Center. This makes restoring files possible even if you need to
use a different operating system." (Vista Resource Kit)."


Thank you for the information. I am now able to restore individual files with
no problem though a little convoluted (cannot 'extract to original
directory') but certainly adequate.
My problem now is how to handle the 'split' files. For instance the original
file may be 350mb but it shows in Winzip 11 as 9 files having the same
filename. When extracted the file size is the size of the last file and all
of the info from the other 8 files is not there. No matter which of the 9
files are extracted the resulting filesize is the same as the last file in
the zipped directory. The application is Mozilla Thunderbird and the
data/files in question is the Inbox which in my case is broken down into 9


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