Vista Auto Backup and Restore problem



I have set up Vista to auto-backup my system on a weekly basis to a 360GB
USB-connected external hard drive (seen as my local drive K:).

The backups work fine and thus far I have a few weeks backups.

However, when attempting to restore any individual files or folders from the
backups, electing the 'restore files' button, I get as far as 'add files...'
or 'add folders...', but when I click on either of those buttons, I get the
error message "An error occurred. Access is denied. (0x80070005). Please
close backup and try again."

When I click 'OK', I get another error message "Therte was an unexpected
error. Access is denied. (0x80070005). Backup will now close."

Although I've found several questions and solutions offered for various
failures on backup and/or restore points, I haven't found one that refers
specifically to my problem.

Can anyone help, or at least tell me how I can contact Microsoft to get this


Christine [MSFT]

Hi Geoff,

To help investigate your issue, could you send me the etl files under
C:\Windows\Logs\WindowsBackup? (remove "online" from my email address)



I too have the same exact issue. I can send my log files to you as well if
you like. When I look at the files in explorer I need to go through UAC to
see them, seems to be some sort of permission issue even though I have admin
level privilleges and they were created under my account.



I too have the same problem as do many, many others in this forum under
threads -come on MS we all need an answer and PDQ - this is such a vital

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