Error 0x810000E4 - Advanced Restore from Another Computer

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Bill Barrett - GatorPC

My customer has been doing (I believe) an incremental backup through the
Vista Backup software to an external drive. (Vista Home Premium - HP Pavilion

The source computer is corrupt, even after the customer used Windows System
Restore, so I've slaved the external to a clean Vista Machine.

I've selected Advanced Restore - Files from a backup made on a different
computer. Any catalog I select gives me the following:

Windows was not able to load the selected backup set for the following reason:
There is a problem with the backup catalog. Restore from a different backup
or creat new, full backup. (0x810000E4).

I can retrieve smaller, individual files from their zip files, but I cannot
retrieve the larger (over 200MB) Outlook.pst, as it's spanned over several

Corrupted catalog file(s) or am I SOL on this? Any ideas, please?

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