restore points and partions



I recently upgraded from XP Media Center to Vista Home Premium. I won't use
xp and don't have need for 2 OS's so...

I formated the recovery partition "D:" from Fat32 to NTFS. apparently vista
can't reat fat32 or something. I figured if It can't use it. get rid of it.

Then I performed a Clean Install on the other partition "C:(system)"

My question:
as "D:" is now empty 8G, can i use that to store my restore points... or do
they have to restore onto "C: (system)"? Is it best to keep both selected?

I am not using D for system backup... just restore point. I restore to
external hard drive.

Ronnie Vernon MVP


The restore points must remain on the drive that System Restore is


so to have both selected redundant (well i guess it won't restore from d,
makes sense). c: it is.

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