Restart DNS Server?



People; i want to refresh DNS Server (or not; i don´t know); because
i have change an IP address on a dns file ( on the
WINNT/SYSTEM32/DNS FOLDER that exists in a Server 2000, but the Server
didn´t refresh that IP.
So, I change the IP on the file ( with an ASP page;
then i want to ping the DNS ( from a PC on the Net and i
don´t obtain the new IP, instead of that i obtain the old IP,
therefore i run a command "net stop dns" and then "net start dns" to
refresh de DNS list in the command prompt; and then i obtain the new
IP. Now i do this on a *.bat file, so i can run inside the ASP PAGE
(using; but the program doesn´t work or it work, but
the DNS SERVER don´t restart at all (i don´t know what's going on)...

So my question is, what i´m doing bad?... I need to restart the DNS
Server with "net stop dns" (/star) command or another command do
that?... or is there another solution for this?

Thank you, and I hope you can understand me; because my english is too

from Argentina.

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