"Resource Scheduling" Button no longer works



Hi folks,

Yesterday our IT dept rolled out Office Communicator and a hotfix (KB936864)
for Outlook.

Today I found out that one of our rooms isn't automatically declining
conflicting appointments, so I ran Outlook using that room's profile, and
clicked "Tools|Options...", then "Calendar Options...", then "Resource
Scheduling..." to bring up the dialog to check that checkbox.

I was greeted with this error:

The operation failed because of a registry or installation problem.
Restart Outlook and try again. If the problem persists, reinstall.

Has anyone else seen this? Any idea what could have caused it? No PC in our
company can access that dialog now - even the ones that haven't been
rebooted (and thus don't have the hotfix).

I could reinstall, but if it's something server-side (which seems logical
since everybody's seeing it) then I'm not sure a reinstall will help.


ps. Should I have posted this to the setup/config newsgroup instead?

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