Report Row Height



How can I control the white space between rows on my report? I have set the
properties in detail and for each text box to can shrink. I have reduced the
size of my font. The row size does not change with those settings. Is there
a setting to specify the number of rows to a page or something?



Rob Parker

Have you dragged to bottom border of the detail section up to the bottom of
the textbox controls in the section? Set the height of the textbox controls
to the minimum needed for the font size you've chosen? The Can Shrink
property will only come into action if the control is empty; it also needs
the Can Shrink property of the report section to be set to Yes.

There is no setting to specify the number of rows to a page. If you
want/need to do that, you'll need some VBA code; search this newsgroup, as
it's a commonly asked question.



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