Group Header section height will not shrink



Access 2003: Report

In a section header, a variable number of lines showing the sum of records
and a description will display based on many records in the detail section.
The Descrition text box control may display multiple lines with a CrLf at the
end of each which makes it grow vertically.

The description text box is set to Grow or Shrink and this does work well.
The listing containing many lines will grow and the following listing in the
section header will shrink back to the original size becuase it contains only
one line.

There is a spaces between the different listings that grows with each
listing. There are no hidden text controls between the listings.

I would expect that the top of each listing should start after the listing
above it with no vertical space present if there is no space left between the
Header section top and bottom and the controls.

What can make the vertical space grow? How to reduce those spaces to nothing.

Thanks in advance for your time and expertise.




Thanks for your reply Chuck,

There is only one row of text boxes. I set only one to Grow or Shrink and it
appears to be working. If three lines are displayed due to three different
types of records to be summarized in the recordset and the first contains
more than one line then it will grow and the text boxes on the next two lines
will be shrunk back to a single line height.

Its the distance between the displayed lines that is the problem.

As I was checking things out, I set all grow and shrink on all the text
boxes in the header section as well as the header section grow and shrink to
no. I found that the problem still exists. So now I believe the problem is
not related to growing or shrinking.

I also noted that the distance between the different displayed lines
increases with the number of lines. The distance between the first and second
line is about two lines high and the distance between the second and third
line is about 8 lines high.

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