Auto set height of vertical line to height of detail section


Paul Kraemer

I have created a Master/Detail report in Access 2007. My detail section has
several fields. To separate these fields, I have drawn vertical lines from
the very top of the detail section to the very bottom of the detail section.
I was hoping that no matter how many records appear in the detail section,
these vertical lines would join together as the detail section is repeated
for each record, giving the appearance of continuous vertical lines.

This is not working, and I think it is because I have a control in the
detail section that is set to "Can Grow". The detail section itself is also
set to "Can Grow". I believe what is happening is that when my control grows
to accomodate records with more than one line of text in this field, my
detail section grows as well but my vertical lines stay at the same height.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way I can make it so that my vertical line
grows as well to exactly match the height of the detail section?

Thanks in advance,


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