Repairing IE6 in Win 2000



Can anyone help?
I think I have to repair or reinstall IE6.
Problem: The mouse suddenly gets a mind of its own when using IE6
in Win2000. It responds with random movements when I try to position the
I have reinstalled the MS Intellimouse drivers, but no difference.
It's a PS2 ball, MS Intellimouse 1.2A PS/2 Compatible

Happens most predictably when I click the pull-down arrow on the IExplorer
Address Bar
I have tried another mouse and get the same effect.
If I then try to get out of the program or close Windows 2000 the cursor
across the screen at random while I move the mouse, "clearing" a small
square 'window' as it goes, revealing the desktop. I have to use
<Windows><U><R> to restart the PC.





Do you have IE6 downloaded on a CD. You need to, if you want to reinstall
it. The problem is that you need to trick you system into thinking that you
don't have IE 6 installed. Assuming that you can't uninstall IE 6, you will
have to modify the Register.

Start | Run | Regedit
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
Rename the key "Internet Explorer" to "xInternet Explorer"
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
Rename the key "Internet Explorer" to "xInternet Explorer"

When you reboot, you system will revert back to it's previous Internet
Browser.... IE 5 or earlier.
Then you can put the CD in and reinstall IE 6 (and all the updates). Once
this is done and all is working, you can go back to the Registry (Regedit)
and delete the two renamed Keys (since they are no longer required).

After saying all this, are you sure you need to redo IE 6?
I would get rid of the MS Intellimouse software completely.... I don't know
why it is needed. Then again, I've never really gotten into the Track Ball

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